Polaris RPG

Escaping Equinox

It has three days since the dramatic conclusion of the previous investigation. Liam, Toland, 'Sparks' and Dirk are enjoying a drink at The Sway, concluding payments and discussing their experience. Suddenly a large number of Watchers storm the facility and arrest the characters at gunpoint. There is no room for discussion or any option for resistance. The Watchers quickly lead the characters to a nearby elevator and transport them to Level 11. All four are searched, their equipment confiscated, and they are placed in a detention cell.

Guards take the characters to an interrogation cell, one at a time, where a stern woman questions them. The female Watcher intelligence officer introduces herself as Liana Nolan. She conducts each questioning in a thorough, professional manner. The Watchers have arrested the characters because of their association with a man the Neptune department has had under surveillance for some time – a man considered very dangerous by the Watchers. The Watchers know this man as Elijah Cray, but each the characters recognize him as Mr. Johnson.

Mrs. Nolen reveals that the Watchers did not know what Elijah Cray was up to in Equinox, and that they lost his trail right after the assault on a secret Gladius research facility – an assault in which the characters took part.

Liana returns the characters to their confinement after questioning, and the characters are eventually processed as formal prisoners of the Watchers. During the night, however; a robed man enters the cell and bids the characters come with him – quickly and quietly. The man says he intends to help the characters escape.

While they all make their way down various corridors, evading manned posts, patrols, and cameras (the mysterious man obviously knows his way around), the figure tells the characters that he has information that Sernea does not. The robed man has a surveillance video that captured the one ‘mercenary’ betraying the others during the escape (a situation he has noted the characters have not revealed to anyone).

The robed man quietly explains that he believes there is more to Cray’s agenda than Sernea is willing to see. The betrayer represents a greater threat to Gladius and the Cult of the Trident, and the robed man believes that Cray might actually be hunting this betrayer rather than simply coming up with elaborate schemes to steal corporate secrets. Unfortunately, “differences in opinion” exclude the option of simply discussing this possibility with Sernea.

“Elijah Cray remains a key figure, but not as the primary villain” the robed man says. Sernea might see him as such, but the robed figure believes he is the key to catching the real threat – this ‘betrayer’. And for the characters, Cray might prove their innocence – or lead them to the capture of the ‘betrayer’, which would do the same.




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