Discharged ex-naval officer of the merchant fleet


NAME: Toland
AGE: 30
XP: 6


Base level 10 10 12 12 14 16 14 14 8
Natural Ability +1 +1 +1 +1 +2 +3 +2 +2 2 pts
Luck 4 Reaction 13
Melee Damage Modifier 0 Damage Resistance 0
Stun Threshold 11 Knockout Threshold 21

Prior Experience: 12
- Bartender 2 yrs
- Higher Education 1 yrs
- Submariner 6 yrs
- Naval Officer 3 yrs

Savings: Not a lot

Personal Gear:
- Light pistol


Contacts 4
– Maslak Avgust Submariner – Merchant fleet
– Chen Jin Submariner – Coral Republic fleet
– Dirk Van Hoit Trader – Hegemony
– Amalia Schlomit Scavenger – Red League
Suppliers 4
– Jabin Singer Independent trader, machine parts
– Mira Wolf Red League Merchant, arms dealer, ship class
Allies 2
– Ivanka Vladic Captain of the Owl, Merchant trader in the Pacific
– Cesar Suarez Leader of the Rustcrawlers, a nomadic scavenger cult
Adversaries 2
– Roksana Kurakina XO of the Bonefish
– John Cane Ex-Hegemony officer, turned treasure hunter

Advantages/Disadvatages/Professional Advatages:
Disadvantage: Weakness to drugs +2 diff to checks


Skill Attr. Base Mast. Glob.
INT Knowledge Oceans +6 +9 15
INT Knowledge Underwater Cities/Stations +6 +5 11
INT Knowledge Pirates +6 +2 8
INT Knowledge Hegemony +6 +2 8
INT Knowledge Red League +6 +4 10
INT Language: Solean +6 +5 11
INT Language: Neo-Azuran +6 +5 11
INT Pilot Light Ship +6 +7 13
INT Electronics +6 +2 8
INT Mechanics Life Support +6 +3 9
INT Navigation +6 +4 10
INT Cartography +6 1 7
INT Education +6 +5 11
INT Bureaucracy +6 +2 8
INT/PER Empathic Analysis +5 +6 11
INT/PRE Eloquence/Persuasion +5 +6 11
INT/ADA Soundscan Analysis +4 +4 8
INT/WIL Gambling +5 +1 6
PER/WIL Observation +4 +5 9
PER/ADA Pilot Scooters +3 2 5
PER/ADA Orientation +3 +3 6
COO/ADA Armor Manuvering Exo +2 +7 9
STR/COO Underwater Manuvering +2 7 9
STR/COO Athletics +2 +5 7
STR/COO Hand-to-hand +2 +9 11
COO/PER Handguns +3 10 13
CON/WIL Endurance +3 +5 8
WIL/PRE Leadership +4 +5 9

Grew up in a working class family, and inherited their natural distrust of figures of authority. Spent a few years working in the bars on the station, saving for an education. Picking up what he could about who’s who, and who to watch out for. Entered naval academy and barely graduated.

Once he’d graduated finding work was easy. He was hired as a junior petty officer for a freight small ship, the Thornback, of the Merchant fleet. The ship was operating with a scarce crew and Toland had to give a hand where ever he was needed. Which is to say he worked his ass of, running all over the ship,. But doing so he got to know every officer. What their flaws were. What they excelled at.

Soon enough his captain, Irina Yegorova, a retired veteran from the navy, found his keen insight of the crew’s mood a valuable resource. This could have been the start of a climb towards captaincy. But unfortunately that was not to be.

During a routine run between Vrama and Azuria of the Coral Republic, the Thornback was ambushed by the infamous Bonefish. A large pirate ship that had been harassing and raiding small freighters in the Pacific South. The Thornback was helpless, out gunned and unable to flee, captain Yegorova was forced to surrender her ship and crew.

Toland still cannot completely recall all that followed. He must have spent about half a year as a prisoner on board the Bonefish. As a confident of his captain, Toland had gotten to know quite a few details about the routes and routines of the Merchant fleet. His captors found these details… valuable. And they spared him from sharing the fate of his shipmates.

As far as Toland knows, he’s the only survivor of the Thornback. The shame of his betrayal weighs Heavy on his shoulders. And he harbors a deep hatred of pirates, and the Bonefish in particular.



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