Liam Gorst

Spy and martial arts expert


NAME: Liam Gorst

AGE: 31




Base level 14 13 16 13 13 13 9 13
Natural Ability 2 2 3 2 2 2 0 2
Luck 13 Reaction 13
Melee Damage Modifier 2 Damage Resistance -5
Stun Threshold 12 Knockout Threshold 22

Higher education:

Prior Experience:13
Soldier: 3 years
Spy: 10 years


Personal Gear:



Mental Disorder (Hallusinations)
Diminished sense of taste
Natural Weakness (poison)

Professional Advatages:


Skill Attr. Base Mast. Glob.
STR/COO Armed combat 5 11 16
STR/COO Hand-to-hand combat 5 8 13
COO/ADA Martial Arts (Offensive) 5 11 16
COO/PER Handguns 5 10 15
COO/PER Shoulder-fired Weapons/Rifles 5 5 10
INT/PRE Eloquence/Persuation 4 8 12
INT Bureaucracy 4 5 9
INT Education/General Knowledge 4 11 15
INT Knowledge of Red League 4 4 8
INT Knowledge of Equinox 4 5 9
INT Specialized Knowledge: Law 4 8 12
INT “Common Language” 4 6 10
COO/COO Acrobatics/Balance 6 8 14
STR/COO Athletics 5 3 8
STR/COO Underwater Maneuvering 5 5 10
COO/ADA Underwater Exo Armor Maneuvering 5 5 10
PER/ADA Stealth/Silent Movement 4 10 14
PER/WIL Observation 2 8 10

Spread sheet


Liam Gorst was supposed to be a Lawyer. Now, things didn’t really turn out that way. But he was eternally grateful to himself for being so diligent in his studies. Until he decided to throw it all away on a whim, and experience real hardship, passion, danger, by enlisting with the army.

It didn’t go that way, like before in life, Liam was well equipped to deal with the shit they put him through. But before long he ended up at the top of the hierarchy of his own little niche. Suffice it to say that being a martial arts instructor in the army wasn’t exactly the thrills he had been looking for. However, by showcasing his skills he must have been picked up on some radar, or maybe the previous instructor decided to flag him. Whatever the case may be, the Red League intelligence got in touch.

If he didn’t get danger or hardship in the army, there was no lack thereof as a spy. For one thing the training was extremely diverse, and for the first time Liam found himself enjoying the prospect of failure. There was always someone better at whatever thing he was measured at. Well, maybe not armed combat. Liam seemed to be better the more close up and personal he got. Sniping wasn’t really his thing, but give him a knife or a sword or even nothing but his empty hands and he could take on whomever it might be.

Since then Liam has been honing his skills in operations that spanned years, or hours, that were violent or social. Whatever the case, as long as there’s no torture involved, Liam seem to be doing fine.

What? What torture? Well.. see, he was captured once, and ever since he haven’t been completely himself. Not that he would ever admit it, but he’s kind of seeing things, sometimes. But he’s certain he knows when he’s hallucinating, or hopes that at least he won’t be in public when it happens. So far he’s been unable to determine what is triggering the incidents. Maybe it’s acrid smells which makes him taste the poisons again. Who knows? Maybe it will go away on its own…

So, who is Liam? What makes him tick? He’s the highly proficient allrounder who’s chasing being the best. He’s charismatic, but not that handsome, he’s smart, but no genius, he’s fast but no feline, strong but no hybrid.

Liam Gorst

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