The Sovereign is one of the most luxurious small transport vessel. The interior is very comfortable. It is mainly used by big corporations and very little by individuals. This vehicle is equipped with swiveling thrusters to make maneuvering easier. Its airlock can hold up to six exo-2 category exoarmors. The hull of this 480-ton vehicle is made of nanosteel, its framework made of Fivaltine, and its glass surfaces are made of hyperAlon.

The Poseidon is a moderately modified Soveriagn-class transport currently operated by Dirk Becker. The modifications consist primarly of converting the airlock to facilitate more and slightly larger classes of exo-armor, at a small expence of passanger capacity.  The cargo bay has also been subtley altered to craft a number of concealed storage compartments (ranging between 1 and 2 cubic meters).

Category: Small Vehicle (V-)
Manufacturer: Nova
List price: 23,600,000 Sols
Availability (Black market): 5 (10)
Estimated TL: III
Length: 9.90 m
Diameter: 3.30 m
Weight: 75 tons
Crew: 2
Passengers: 14
Freight: 11 to 15 tons (in 14 to 19 cubic meters)
• Operating: 10,000
• Maximum: 12,000
• Crushing: 15,000
Autonomy: 7 days/ [1,344 nautical miles]; Rechargeable closed cycle thermal engine TL III
• Size (SIZ):4
• Damage Resistance: +1
• Architecture: normal
• Integrity modifer: +2 (Lost one because of the Critical damage we received from our flight from Equinox)
• Armor rating: 6 (Portholes/glass surface: 5/ security flap: 7)
• Maneuverability: 15 (16 if all thrusters are correctly functioning)
• Speed, SP (move points): 3 (1) (6 ducted minithruster for 8 knots) Compartments: cockpit, passenger compartments, cargo holds (with concealed compartments), engine room, modified airlock (Exo-2 max)
Deck(s): 2

Bulkhead(s): 1
External hatche(s)/ external door(s): 4/0

Standard systems:
Active soundscan, Alert, Analyzer, Assistance and control system, Autopilot, Camera, Central and satellite repair stations, Diagnostics system, Distress beacon, Docking spot for drone, Light generator, Lock-on detector, Mechanical arm, Navigation system, Onboard computer, Oxygen supply for 14 days, Passive soundscan, Pressure monitoring system, Radio communicator, Sanitary system, Stabilizer, Temperature regulator.

• Defensive microwave field generator (Damage 5D10+3 on a Human Scale)

Cargo / Auxiliary Equipment:

2 x Light Exo-Armor Nymph 1-a (ITG 14/15) (We only have 2 now that we traded away one for repairs to the ship)

2 x Medium Exo-Armor Mentor (ITG 12/15

Current State:

Damage Level Incident


We have now managed to have the Moderate and the Critical damage repaired. 



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